Sep 3, 2016

My Short Story.

Hi, I am Helmi Syafrizal. I was born from a simple family who love each other. In my family, I am the second child of seven children. I have four brothers and two sisters. I am the one who has a high motivation and ambition in working and learning something, it can be seen when I was a child. When I was junior high school, I studied in MTS AL-HUDA as a humble student and a cheerful student. Besides I studied in the school, I started to work as a labor and also help my parents in selling clothes and shoes to the people around my house, with the aims to help the economics of my family.
After graduating from junior high school, I continued to study in senior high school. I studied in BUDI UTOMO high school which is located in Jombang, East Java. There I met a lot of different people from Sabang to Merauke who had different character and different culture. I have so many friends not only from my place (city) but also I have so many friends from different city, different province, and different island. From that situation, my friends and I can share each other about our character, our culture, and our daily life when we live in our place. Finally, in June 2007, I graduated from high school with a lot of memories and experiences.
After graduating from senior high school, actually I wanted to continue my study at the university level, but unfortunately I did not have some money, and finally, I decided went to Metro-Lampung to work. In Lampung I faced new condition, new place, and new people. There I have to adapt with new condition and new friends, but I was so glad because they can accept me as their friend. In Lampung I dedicated myself as a religion teacher. I taught the people around I live on about the real meaning of religion, what the purpose of life, and the meaning of life. Alhamdulillah they can accept what I conveyed to them. Besides being a religion teacher, I also worked in motorcycle service. I have to work to get some money to finance my life.
After two years I lived in Lampung, finally in 2010 I went home. I decided to continue my study at the university level. At the time, I was accepted in PAKUAN University in Bogor, I was accepted as a student of English education study program. I was so grateful because I can continue my study. Besides being a student, I also worked in PGRI (Organization) as an operator and as an assistant in managing the salary data of all teachers in one sub district. After two years I worked in PGRI, I decided to resign, because my class schedule was full. To get some money, I finally became a freelancer as a photographer, design logo, and service the computers (hardware and software). The last, I worked as an assistant teacher in Junior high school.
Day after day, I spent the time to study and work, and I finished my study by arranging a paper entitled “An Analysis Study of English Needed by The Students of Computer Science”. After through a long journey, finally In February 5th 2016, I graduated and became a scholar with GPA 3.08.

I have to continue my life to creat good values for my religion, my family, my country, and my life, then build my bright future.

Thank you.

 Here is my Curriculum Vitae



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